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Physiotherapy Session

Physio Free Screening

MetaPhysiotherapy from Deeping St James is open Monday and Thursday 9 am-7 pm,
Holbeach Wednesday 9 am-7 pm    

Please use the form below to request a Free Screening with MetaPhysiotherapy. This is for a 15-minute face-to-face Physio Consultation.

Thank you! We'll get back to you snoonest!

Why Physiotherapy Screening?

Physiotherapy free screening is a service that helps catch potential issues with muscles and bones early on, preventing more serious problems down the road. This service can help prevent long-term injuries and ensure a faster recovery time. Our physiotherapy clinics offer free screening sessions that assess a patient's range of motion, strength, and flexibility.

Our skilled physiotherapists assess patients' physical state during the screening and offer personalized treatment options for optimal recovery. The physiotherapist may recommend exercises, stretches, or other techniques to help the patient regain mobility and reduce any pain or discomfort they are experiencing.

Free screenings are a fantastic chance for patients to take charge of their health and begin the journey towards healing. By identifying potential issues early on, patients can get a head start on addressing any concerns and starting the recovery process. These screenings provide patients with peace of mind and reassurance that they are taking proactive steps towards achieving optimal physical health. Regain your mobility and live pain-free with our effective treatment plans.

Sports Injury physiotherapy

Why should you choose private physiotherapy ?

Speed of Booking

No Referral from GP needed

Hands-on therapy

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