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Physiotherapy Deeping St. James
Restoring Health and Mobility

Are you looking for local physiotherapy? Physiotherapy Deeping St. James provides comprehensive assessments and customized treatment plans based on your individual health needs. Regain your fitness with our extensive range of physiotherapy services.

Our experienced physiotherapists invest ample time in understanding your symptoms, medical history, and lifestyle factors.

We're here to help you recover and get back to feeling your best

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Physio Deeping St. James


Hards Ln

Deeping St. James, Peterborough


Monday    - 9.00-19.00

Thursday  - 9.00-19.00

phone - 0794 6067439


MetaPhysiotherapy Deeping St. James is conveniently located on the outskirts of the historic village of Deeping St. James, surrounded by a peaceful garden. Situated on Spalding Road, the B1525, our clinic is easily accessible by car

Free car park: Free of charge

We understand that finding a parking spot can be stressful, so we offer a complimentary car park for our guests.

Wheelchair access: Yes

We believe that everyone should have equal access to our facilities

Toilet: Yes

For your treatment, the physiotherapist might include some of the following:

Exercise Therapy, Manual Therapy, Ultrasound, Acupuncture, etc

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With just a few clicks, you can choose your preferred date and time for your physiotherapy appointment, and our system will take care of the rest. Our online booking system also allows you to manage your appointments, view your appointment history, and make changes to your booking if needed.

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Physiotherapy services

At MetaPhysiotherapy Deeping St. James, patients receive customized physiotherapy services to meet their individual requirements.  These healthcare professionals are armed with a repertoire of evidence-based techniques that have demonstrated their efficacy time and again. With a keen understanding of the human body's mechanics, our physiotherapists employ a range of strategies tailored to each individual's unique needs. Our services include:

  1. Assessment and Diagnosis:

    • Thorough evaluation of your condition

    • Identification of underlying causes

    • Development of personalized treatment plans

  2. Manual Therapy:

    • Hands-on techniques to relieve pain and improve joint mobility

    • Soft tissue mobilization and manipulation

    • Joint mobilization and manipulation

  3. Exercise Therapy:

    • Customized exercise programs to strengthen muscles and improve flexibility

    • Rehabilitation exercises for post-surgical recovery

    • Targeted exercises for injury prevention and performance enhancement

Benefits of Physiotherapy Deeping St. James

Physiotherapy provides numerous benefits to patients of all ages. Some of the key advantages include:

Pain Relief:

Physiotherapy techniques like manual therapy and therapeutic exercises can significantly reduce pain and discomfort.

Improved Mobility:

By targeting specific areas of the body, physiotherapy enhances flexibility and range of motion.

Faster Recovery:

Post-injury or surgery, physiotherapy accelerates the healing process and aids in a quicker recovery.

Preventive Care:

Physiotherapists educate patients on injury prevention, helping them avoid future physical issues.

Enhanced Functionality:

Physiotherapy improves overall physical functionality and performance, be it in daily activities or sports.

lady Working Out with a Physio Ball

Try a Free 15 Minute Face to Face Physio Consultation

Are you suffering from any aches and pains but not sure if physiotherapy can help?
Then why not book in for free 15-minute consultation so we can answer your questions and give you advice on what is the best treatment option for you

Physiotherapy - workingout with physio ball

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can physiotherapy help with sports injuries?

A: Yes, physiotherapy is highly effective in treating sports injuries. It focuses on reducing pain, promoting healing, and restoring mobility to get athletes back in the game as soon as possible.

Q: How many physiotherapy sessions will I need?

A: The number of sessions varies depending on the severity of your condition and your response to treatment. Your physiotherapist will assess your progress and adjust the treatment plan accordingly.

Q: Is physiotherapy suitable for seniors?

A: Absolutely! Physiotherapy offers valuable benefits to seniors, helping them maintain their independence, manage pain, and prevent falls.

Q: Can physiotherapy help with chronic back pain?

A: Yes, physiotherapy can effectively manage chronic back pain through a combination of therapeutic exercises, manual therapy, and lifestyle adjustments.

Q: What should I expect during my first physiotherapy session?

A: During your first session, your physiotherapist will conduct a thorough assessment, discuss your medical history, and design a personalized treatment plan based on your needs and goals.

Metaphysiotherapy provides an exceptional physiotherapy experience with their skilled physiotherapists, tailored treatment plans, and unwavering dedication to delivering superb service. Expect effective and triumphant results with us

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