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  • Physiotherapy-What should I wear?
    For your first assessment we suggest you wear? -loose comfortable clothing -underwear Your privacy will be respected at all times
  • Physiotherapy-How quickly can I be seen for my first appointment?
    Currently, we can see patients within 1 week
  • Physiotherapy-What happens at my appointment?
    At your initial visit, your physiotherapist will conduct an interview and a thorough physical evaluation. This will be directly followed by treatment so you can immediately benefit from your experience.
  • Why should I choose private physiotherapy?
    -You don't need to wait months for an NHS physiotherapist -Hands-on therapy-that involves physical manipulation or mobilization using the hands to evaluate, diagnose, and treat soft tissue or joint injuries or conditions
  • MetaPhysiotherapy- is there parking?
    Yes! There is loads of parking spaces available. Free of charge
  • Do I need a referral from GP?
    NO Self-referral to physiotherapy allows you to access services directly without having to see your GP or anyone else first
  • Physiotherapy Fee
    Each physiotherapy session is 30 minutes -initial assessment £50 -follow up £50
physiotherapy back assessment
New Patients Welcome

We are always accepting new patients.
Contact us today to book your initial consultation with Daniela

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